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Organized Pick Up Ice Hockey

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Organized Drop In Ice Hockey

Pick up or Drop In Ice Hockey Organizers

After the glory years are over, you just want to skate and have fun. You rent the ice and make phone calls and texts to get skaters and goalies to show up. There is a lot of time involved and the number of skaters can fluctuate from not enough to too many.

If there were a way to know who was showing up each week, would you be interested?

As an organizer of pick up or drop in hockey you also listen to a bit of whining or griping about a variety of things. Many out of your control. When there is a real concern about a players attitude or style of play it becomes your problem.

If there were a way to block a player from attending your skate, would you be interested?

Collecting the money and paying the rink takes you away from enjoying the locker room banter. There are guys you have to chase down for cash each week. Usually the same guys. That hassle means you have to wander locker rooms either before or after the skate to collect money.

If there were a way to remove yourself from that entire process, would you be interested?

I’ve been organizing ice hockey since the Broad Street Bullies won the cup two times in a row. Evidence provided thanks to my mom snapping a Polaroid photo on New Years Day in 1977.

Thanks to my geeky brother and friends, we have developed this website as a tool to organize pick up or drop in hockey. You can find an organizer near you, or sign up to organize your own skates. We are here to help you make it happen in the most organized and fun way possible.


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