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The Perfect Skate

Fast paced, Even Play, Laughs and Victories

Drop In Hockey Made Easy

We use technology to build a better skate, all in search of the “perfect skate!”

The Full Bench Ice Time System was created by hockey players, for hockey players.

My Back Story

Growing up, I had the biggest driveway, and street hockey was the game in South Jersey as the Broad Street Bullies won a couple of cups.

I used the old school system of calling guys to play back then, as you can see in this pic my mom took, New Years Day 1977.

Hockey is one of the few sports that you find guys in their 70’s or older still playing. So, I see a lot of ice time in my future still.

Dave Crabill

Dave Crabill organizing hockey new years day 1977

The Full Bench Ice Time System is a result of two years of successful testing. With just the right amount of structure, we end up with a much better skate, and if you are a skater, then you know the difference between a good or bad skate.

That little bit of structure starts with the rules.

Ten Rules To A Perfect Skate

  • Two Goalies
  • Limit on number of skaters
  • Organizer brings pucks
  • Organizer brings water
  • Black & White spare jerseys to even sides
  • No Checking
  • No Ice Hogs
  • Rink runs a clock
  • Event reminders and visible check in list
  • Beer in locker room after skate

Big thanks to my wife Sue, who manages the registration table during the week! 

She will take your money, and tell you where to go. Both skills she honed at home! (LOL) now I’m in trouble!

Be nice to Sue and buy a t-shirt or jersey to keep her busy!