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Pickup Hockey Simplified

Download App & Register

 Your login credentials will not work in the app, you must register.

Click the link below for your app store of choice. We offer it in both flavors, Apple iOS & Android.

They are free. 

You can also simply search Eclectic Sales in either app store and then select the Gears Beer app.

Please read this page before downloading the app. Scroll down…

Complete Your Profile

Please READ:

You must complete your profile or it will generate an error and not work. Enter First and Last Name, phone number, the position you play and drink preference.

This information is included in each skate you book but can be changed by you at any time.

Once you hit Submit for Review it goes into a Que for the Organizer to approve. Allow a day or two for Organizer.

Toggle To Book

Hit the Toggle button to change back and forth from Booked to Not Booked.

Simple as that.

Check The Skate List

The Gears Beer list is capped at 22 skaters and 2 goalies. Skater totals for each skate are tracked on the skate list. Hit the blue i button to view the skate list. 

This screen is also where Coach’s can assign jerseys in the app and Admins can mark skaters paid and mark their locker room. The drink totals for each locker room are then displayed to communicate to the rink for delivery.

During registration, you will agree to the rules of the skate. Here is a summary of the Gears Beer rules:

Book a skate and don’t show, you are put in the Penalty Box and unable to book a skate.

Payment of your ice bill gets you back out unless this is a repeat offense then you are blacklisted. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse skaters. There will be water bottles, pucks, nets and goalies and the play will be organized into two evenly matched teams to the best of our ability.

 On ice: Slap Shots are allowed, just don’t take head shots when someone is in front of you. No checking is allowed. Limit shifts to about 2 minutes, check the clock at the start and end of your shift. No puck hogging, pass and make plays.

 Waiver Of Liability

This discusses the fact that you are mature and responsible. You accept your potential risk of injury and you will your level best to keep everyone safe.

Become An Organizer

The economy is changing in case you have not noticed. Think of all the freelance work sites, tasks sites and huge corporations built from rideshare.  This could be a great gig for you!

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