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 Gears Beer is a private Ice Hockey Club

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We skate at Crystal Fieldhouse in Burton, Michigan.

The age and skill level varies greatly, but we aim for an intermediate skill “organized” drop in game. Many of the skaters are in the 40 A league at Crystal and the EHL.

Puck or Ice Time Hogs will not be tolerated.
You must be responsible for your actions and show up for any ice time you book a spot in. 
First-time skaters must pay online through a link below.  Grinders get advance booking rights and free jerseys.
Questions? Call Dave at 774Hockey4

Grinders have access to our full schedule of events, so they can book early. The cost to become a grinder is only $8 per month. You receive a free Gears Beer jersey after ten months of membership.

To get on our skate list, please pre pay $20 for your first skate.
You will be on probation during your first skate to see if you are a good fit for our group.

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