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Better than a gym membership, the Full Bench Ice Time member gets in on the high calorie burn hockey action every week. We skate at Crystal Fieldhouse in Burton, MI on Wednesday and Friday nights from 7:30 to 9 pm.

Here are the rules we follow for each skate.

Ten Rules To A Perfect Skate

  • Two Goalies
  • Limit on number of skaters
  • Organizer brings pucks
  • Organizer brings water
  • Black & White spare jerseys to even sides
  • No Checking
  • No Ice Hogs
  • Rink runs a clock
  • Event reminders and visible check in list
  • Beer in locker room after skate

Check out the membership options. Skaters can book a skate a week out. Grinders are those “regulars” who plan their week around the skate. Grinders get access far in advance,¬†so they never miss out!

Skater hockey list


Not ready to commit, but want to see if you can grab a spot on a sheet next week? Well, come on then and be a Skater!

Sometimes we need a few skaters to fill in and you will get the invite a week out.

P.S. Remember, we limit the skaters to 24, so you want to check in as soon as you can!

Grinders Hockey Player Members


Grinders make this system work, they show up like clock work and have fun! Thanks Grinders! Here is what you can expect as a Grinder.

  • Early access to register for a skate (a month or more in advance)

Use the link below to join the ranks of Grinders for $8 per month.